Undercover Drug Lab Exposed: North Hollywood’s Pizza Kitchen Unmasked

Introduction | North Hollywood

In a significant bust last week, police destroyed a drug lab disguised as a pizza kitchen in North Hollywood, California. The operation, uncovered during an LAPD narcotics investigation, revealed that a warehouse had been converted into a "super lab" to extract honey oil, a potent form of cannabis oil.Because of the potential hazards associated with honey oil laboratories, this discovery poses a serious threat to nearby businesses, including pet clinics.

The Bust and Investigation

On Thursday, June 22, law enforcement officers executed the bust in the 7300 block of Radford Avenue. Acting on their intelligence, the LAPD discovers a drug lab hidden behind the pizza kitchen. Two persons were arrested during the operation and later jailed without bail. At the time of reporting, his identity was not disclosed.

The Threat to the Community

Noth Hollywood
Honey oil laboratories, like the one discovered in North Hollywood, are notorious for their potential hazards, including the risk of explosions. This posed a significant threat not only to the individuals involved in the illegal operation, but also to neighboring businesses such as a nearby pet clinic. Recognizing the imminent danger, law enforcement officials quickly destroyed the laboratory to ensure the safety of the surrounding area.

The Scale of Production and Financial Implications

The seized lab was described as a "super lab", indicating a significant operation capable of producing honey oil on a large scale. Investigators highlighted the lucrative nature of this illegal business, with a market price of up to $50 per gram of honey oil. LAPD Captain Lillian Carranza emphasized that the large-scale production of oil has the potential to generate thousands of dollars in profit every week, making it a highly lucrative venture for those involved.


The closure of a drug lab disguised as a pizza kitchen in North Hollywood is a testament to the tireless efforts of law enforcement agencies in combating illegal drug operations. The discovery of a "super lab" extracting honey oil reveals the scale of production and the potential financial profit associated with this illegal activity. By swiftly dismantling the laboratory, the authorities have protected the local community from the dangers posed by such operations.

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