An ex-partner of Jonah Hill is bringing attention to their relationship by sharing what she alleges are numerous old text messages from him. In a series of posts on her Instagram account, Sarah Brady, a surf instructor and Jonah Hill’s former flame from 2021, is openly criticizing the actor and portraying him as a toxic partner. Sarah does not shy away from expressing her strong disapproval of him, labeling him as a self-centered individual with misogynistic tendencies.

Sarah has shared several text messages that she claims are from Jonah, and if they are authentic, they reveal his frequent concern and distress over her posting pictures of herself. To get a complete picture of her portrayal, you can visit her Instagram Story. However, the overall impression is not favorable for Jonah. Sarah implies that he exhibited manipulative and controlling behavior during their relationship, levying additional accusations against him.

Many of the texts that Sarah posted seem to depict Jonah engaging in constant arguments with her about various issues.
These disagreements range from her sharing photos of herself surfing to her behavior in social settings, and even the opinions of a therapist she was seeing at the time regarding Jonah. The alleged texts paint a picture of a tumultuous dynamic between them, with Jonah expressing dissatisfaction and criticism over multiple aspects of their relationship.

Sarah further criticizes Jonah’s understanding of “boundaries” and implies that he frequently employed gaslighting tactics to maintain control over her. It is worth noting that they attended public events together and were photographed as a couple on a few occasions. However, Sarah’s allegations suggest that behind the public appearances, their relationship was marred by issues of control and manipulation.

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The situation becomes even more contentious as Sarah now uses the term “abusive” to characterize their relationship. However, it is important to note that in a screenshot of a direct message she posted, Sarah clarifies that the alleged abuse she endured with Jonah was emotional rather than physical. By sharing this distinction, she highlights the nature of the harm she believes she experienced within their dynamic.

Following their breakup, Jonah Hill has entered a new relationship with a woman named Olivia Millar, and the couple recently welcomed a baby in May. However, specific details such as the baby’s sex and name have not been publicly disclosed yet. Interestingly, Sarah also expresses her thoughts on this matter.

Sarah expresses her wish that Jonah has a daughter, suggesting that it may help him understand and embrace true feminism. She finds it ironic and laughable that Jonah now identifies as a feminist, given their past experiences together. Sarah’s comment implies skepticism towards his professed beliefs and suggests that she doubts the authenticity of his self-proclaimed feminism.

Sarah takes a final jab at Jonah in a photo she shares on her main timeline. The black and white picture features herself, and she claims that Jonah was not comfortable with its presence.

In her caption, Sarah states, “reviving a pic I took down by request of a misogynist narcissist.” This implies that Jonah had asked her to remove the photo and keep it down, and she complied with his request at the time. By bringing it back now, Sarah suggests that she no longer feels obligated to adhere to his wishes and is openly challenging his alleged controlling behavior.

Despite Sarah’s claims and the attention they have garnered, Jonah Hill does not actively use social media, making it difficult to gauge his response to the allegations she has made against him. Despite attempts to reach out to his representatives, no response has been received thus far. It is unclear how Jonah or his team will address or address not these allegations in the future.

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