Insidious The Red Door Review: The Mystery of the Red Door and a Test of Patrick’s Direction

Insidious The Red Door
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Insidious The Red Door is different from the other movies of same genre and thus receives positive feedback from the audience, it not only excites the filmmakers but also inspires them to further develop the story and create sequels. The same had happened with the release of the film ‘Insidious‘ in 2010. When people were tired of watching horror films that focused on the deterioration of human bodies, unnecessary gore, and overused sexual relationships, this film paved a new direction for horror or supernatural movies. The atmosphere created in this film terrified people to such an extent that it’s creators went on to make four films in continuation of the story. The previous film in this franchise, ‘Insidious: The Last Key,’ was released in 2018. The film ‘Insidious: The Red Door’ takes the the story forward after the first two films, which means it can be considered as the third installment in this franchise, following the continuation of the story.

An Engaging Story of Restless Ghosts

Insidious franchise is one of the successful franchise in terms of horror or super natural genre films. First installment of this franchise actually made a huge profit in countries other than United States, one such country is India. Indian audience waits for movies like this and thus its released one day before in India.

The film marks the directorial debut of actor Patrick Wilson, who attempts to bring this franchise to an anticipated conclusion. The story revolves around the same Lambert family, where the art of leaving their physical bodies behind and journeying into the spirit world has been passed down through generations. If you remember the first film in this franchise, Dalton makes a similar attempt and becomes trapped in a world where the souls of the living bodies are restless to return to Earth. The story has now progressed a decade since then. Josh, having grown up, takes his son Dalton to leave for college. He continues his efforts to regain his memories, but the past never lets go of him.

The Inherited Dread of the Past

On the other hand, Dalton is assigned a shared room in the hostel, and a girl becomes his roommate. Both realize that it was a misunderstanding related to the name. In the meantime, they develop a friendship. In the classroom, Dalton’s teacher instructs him to draw something on the canvas, which opens a doorway for the powers of the other world to once again enter Dalton’s life. Meanwhile, Josh is searching for his parents’ past. He discovers the truth about his father’s death. When he goes to meet his estranged wife, he also learns that she already knows everything. Now, the father-son duo faces a collective confrontation with supernatural forces. With references to the previous films, the story reaches a point where the situation becomes crucial.

A Disappointing Storyline Leaves Audiences Disheartened

The biggest challenge for the writers and director of the film ‘Insidious The Red Door’ was to offer audiences something they had never seen before. To truly scare the viewers who have been following this franchise, the team needed to do something imaginative. However, the biggest weakness of this entire film is that it fails to cast a spell on the audience sitting in the darkness of the cinema even once. Even the popcorn-eating youngsters do not scream in fear even once. Everyone seems content and happy, and looking at their faces, it doesn’t feel like they have just watched a horror film. The biggest flaw lies in the team that wrote the screenplay for the film. As soon as the story begins with the father-son tension, once these two characters start residing in different atmospheres, the real tension of the film dissipates.

Patrick Wilson’s Performance Falls Short in “Insidious The Red Door”

As the central character, Ty Simpkins carries the weight of this film as the older Dalton. However, his acting skills are not sufficient for such a role. While he impresses as an innocent student, his portrayal as a disgruntled son and an artist unaware of the secrets behind his own created images does not meet expectations. Even Patrick Wilson, in his role as Josh Lambert, fails to deliver something extraordinary that could leave an impact on the audience. However, Daniel Sinclar, who plays Dalton’s friend in the hostel, manages to capture the attention of viewers. His dialogues are written in a humorous style, delivered effortlessly, and his natural charm shines through. Joseph Bishara, the music composer for this franchise, returns in “Insidious: The Red Door,” but even his music disappoints. This week, another Indian horror film titled “Adhura” is releasing on OTT platforms. In comparison, “Insidious: The Red Door” appears weaker.

Is It Worth watching

As per my opinion viewer should not go to theater with much expectation, you may be surprised. It can be watched once.


Who directed the film “Insidious: The Red Door”?

The film was directed by Patrick Wilson, who also makes his directorial debut with this installment.

How does the film differ from previous films in the Insidious franchise?

“Insidious: The Red Door” continues the story of the franchise by exploring new elements and expanding the supernatural world. It introduces a new chapter in the haunting tale and offers fresh scares and twists for the audience.

Is the film genuinely scary?

While opinions may vary, “Insidious: The Red Door” aims to deliver a chilling and suspenseful experience. It establishes a sinister atmosphere and incorporates clever storytelling and unsettling visuals to create a sense of fear and unease.

How are the performances in the film?

The film features strong performances from the cast, including Ty Simpkins who carries the weight of the story as the older Dalton. While some viewers may find Patrick Wilson’s performance falling short of expectations, Daniel Sinclar impresses as Dalton’s friend, bringing humor and charm to the screen.

Is the music in the film impactful?

Joseph Bishara, the music composer for the franchise, returns for “Insidious: The Red Door.” However, some viewers may feel that the music in this installment doesn’t meet their expectations and may not have the desired impact.

Will there any further sequel of the film?

Most probably it will the last installment of this horror franchise.

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